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Rapid Heating Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film

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نموذجHeating Film

علامة تجاريةprochema

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ApplicationUnderfloor Heating System

MaterialPET Film

FunctionFloor Heating Systerm



nameHeating Film

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليفAccording to the amount of customization, it is generally a carton



مكان المنشأChina

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد20000 sq/month


الدفع نوعL/C,T/T,Paypal,Western Union

IncotermFOB,CFR,EXW,CIF,Express Delive

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Product Description

What is electric film?

Electric heating film is a kind of translucent polyester film which can be heated after being energized. It based on Glass Fiber materials which is very stable in Thermal expansion and Cold Contraction ,so our heating Film has solved the attenuation problem which widely existing on other Ink or Carbon Crystal heating film printed on PET directly .

What is electric film?

When working, electric film is used as the heating element, and heat is taken as The form of radiation is sent into the living space. It is the human body and objects that get warmth first, and its comprehensive effect is superior to the traditional convection heating method!

Detailed Images

Special Features:

It compensates for the shortcomings and deficiencies of electric wire heating (electric heating plate) and one-sided heating (electric heating film), and developed and newly developed high-tech products.

It is one of the most ideal heating materials in the world. It takes only a few minutes to raise the temperature, so you don't need to warm up in advance, and you can flexibly select full or partial heating to reduce energy waste.

Glass fiber material, semi-permanent life, equivalent to the life of the building. In case of man-made damage, it is only economical to insulate only the damaged part of the heat-generating film and continue to use it.

Not only does it save construction costs compared to other heating facilities, it also allows local heating and short heating times, which saves expensive heating costs.

Product Specificati

VTX Electric Floor Heating Film Installation Guide :

Heating Film Power Consumption is around 220W/ m2 max.

Step 1

Thermostat has 4℃ Smart Control, if u set 20℃ as target , the thermostat would work until 22℃ then it change to standby mode; when Room Temperature decrease from 22℃ to 18℃ degree, it would start again the Heating.

There is no Power Consumption during the standby mode. For 10 hours heating, around 4 hours Heating system work and rest 6 hours in standby mode.

Step 2

The wooden floor is poor conductor of heat than Tile, so you would feel tile floor heat more fast than Wooden Floor. But the wooden floor can keep the heat longer than Tile after u switched off heating.

Step 3

The thermostat normally installed around 1.2m high on wall , so it detect 1.2m high area air temperature, not floor surface temperature .

The thermostat support wifi apps control on mobile . This is why user can turn on the heating in office before they go home and when they arrive home in one hour , room is warm already.

Application Fields

Electric Floor Heating Film
Electric Heating desk or Floor Pad
Electric Heating Painting
Infrared Physical Therapy Series driving by DC power from Power bank:
Knee pad, Waist Belt, shoulder pad, Neck Brace

Heating or Drying Machine
Sauna Room heating
Agricultural Greenhouse heating
Battery Driving Vehicle Battery Cell Heating
Production Line Heating


No noise, odorless, dust-free, comfortable temperature, far-infrared radiation makes you more comfortable, healthier, and more conducive to improving blood Cycle, promote metabolism and so on.

Has health, safety, energy saving, rapid heating, long life, no space, free to move.Let you enjoy the healthy light of steam room, the heating of health care and the function of far infrared rays:

1, improve microcirculation
2, promote metabolism
3, balance the body acid-base balance
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  • Rapid Heating Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film
  • Rapid Heating Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film
  • Rapid Heating Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film
  • Rapid Heating Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film
  • Rapid Heating Polymer Electric Floor Heating Film
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